Yeah, I’m angry. More depressed actually. I woke up this morning and I realized that my body image had started to change. I was serisouly on the edge of smashing my mirror. When I went to the bathroom, I saw the scale lying there. I felt like it was just mocking me. So I kicked it (which was a bad idea cause it hurt my foot). I tried not to look in the mirror in case I actually do end up smashing it, but I ended looking at myself constantly, and cried. You know how I like to sleep a lot? Well for those who don’t, you learnt something new. I practically slept for like half of the day so I can forget about my eating disorder. I did had to wake up for lunch, and then I went back sleep… After awhile I woke up again realizing I had h.w to do so I did that hoping it wold probably get my mind off of things but that didn’t work. I’m practically becoming more and more depressed.

I was on this website called and I came across this product : Image

It’s a Minus Inch Cool Body Gel. What it does is that it makes you have much smoother and firmer skin. I don’t really know if it will make you look slimmer, but doesn’t kill to try? But it’ll probably be a waste of my money… well my parents money.

Well I’m off for the night… gonna go do the usuals… exercise ….. shower then bed.




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