Fed Up

Kay so the things that had happened so far :
I had a fight with my again.
I wanted to commit suicide.
I wanted to run away from home.
I felt really depressed.
The fight I had with my mum was about cause of how slow I ate my dinner. My mum was frustrated that she took my dinner off of me and shoved it in my mouth. She did the same when I had to eat ice cream.
I feel really fat and ugly. No joke.
See the thing is, I don’t call people fat. Why? Cause everyone comes in different sizes. (says the girl who has an eating disorder -.-‘) But really, you call people fat, your considered as a low life person who practically thinks that your perfect than the other who you think is fat. FYI : no one is freaking perfect. We don’t get people who are perfect. You think people who are famous are perfect? Wrong. They are normal people just like everybody else, who goes through the same good and bad times that everybody else goes through. I hate how society works around the globe. But then again, if we never had a fixed society to rely on, then there’s no way of having us humans working our way through human nature and learning more of what we can do.
Kay well enough said
P.S : Most people like the man in the picture below considers us to be perfect :



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