What to do…

Hence my title, I’m currently in a position where I seriously don’t know what to do. Why you may ask?
My eating disorder became worse to the point where I’ve been thinking of having to commit suicide or run away from home because I can’t take it anymore. My therapist told my dad that if something like that happens, that my parents are to take me to a hospital ward. My therapist must really think I’m crazy now -.-‘. Anyways, the main reason why I’m in a position where I don’t know what to do is because my therapist had also put me down for the the butterfly program. Technically what it does is that it tries to help me out and get me to start eating again. FML. And it’s during school hours! Which means I have to stop school completely! As in drop out of school! My parents want me to do that !! Honestly!? Okay so I might sound like a nerd just then, but it’s cause I won’t be able to see my friends and go for my future goals. No. Eff everything else I am going to continue school despite my disorder =.=! Decision made.
Well I’m off. Have a lot to think about.


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