You know what, screw everything. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being treated as if I’m like I’m a complete alien to this world. I hate how people treat me like they HAVE to be like in a particular way of talking towards me, especially my parents. I CAN’T EVEN TAKE THIS ANYMORE. Yesterday I was suppose to have my anti-depressants but ran out. So today I was a bit off at school. So when I came home… I started crying? Yeah if I don’t take them for like even one day, I go nuts. Anyways, today since I was really depressed, I was practically sleeping (I always do that but usually not on Fridays) I was really pissed off with my mum today too. I can’t take the fact I have to eat heaps and heaps of food!!!!!!!!!!! FML is all I have to say.
I’m off for the night, I still feel depressed even though I just bought my medication -.- (people may think I’m sorta weird now)


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