Why Me?

I find it funny. You watch a documentary on someone who is suffering from something terrible of which you never thought would happen to you. Well it showed me that anything can happen and no, you can’t have a perfect life. Other wise how are you to learn? Well yesterday morning was just …;aksfsdf. My mum again with eggs came in my room to give me my breakfast (really am getting sick of eggs -.-). Out of no where she starts blabbing on about that the final decision has been made that it’s final I’m not going to school. Screw what my parents say! I can cope with school while having to deal with my disorder. I don’t know what happened but I was too depressed that I practically fell asleep for like half the day. This is just annoying. Now my mum wants me to change my attitude then she will think about me going to school. Honestly I can’t be bothered. It’s just that I’ve been through so many things throughout the week that I feel too depressed to do anything. Can’t be bothered changing my attitude.

Well my B’day is in 3 days…. :L I don’t even feel like celebrating nor do I want any gifts from anyone. Well let’s see what this week ahead of me will be like

……. Well I did want a puppy for my B’day….but I already have a dog. BUT PUPPIES ARE CUTE!

Ciao for now šŸ™‚ Gonna watch something random on the net to keep me occupied.



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