Happy Birthday to Me :D!

It’s my Birthday today :)!
I’m 17 years old… wow :/ last year I get to be a teenager. Anyways, started the day alright, this time I managed to get out of eating eggs and ate cereal instead, except it was coco puffs. I felt guilty eating this though its not like I can just stop eating it. My mum feeds me cause she knows I’ll probably throw it and also cause I take forever to eat it. After that had biscuits but spat it out later. I don’t know if your expecting me to feel like I did something bad here but honestly, its a common thing I do everyday so it’s no different.
You’d be expecting to have a cake for your birthday right? Lol, well my parents didn’t bother knowing there’s no point since I won’t even eat it. Well it doesn’t matter, I still received gifts :).
Since yr.12 retreat camp is still going on, my friends actually called me just to wish me a happy birthday. I know I’ve been anti social lately but for some reason it really showed me how much my friends care for me no matter how I am or if I end up turning to be an alien. So the day went on, like every other day. Except, today I received news that my great grandma is really sick and may not live for a few days which I’m actually worried. She is so sweet, and she was so strong but I guess you know the time has come. BTW, I’m kinda contemplating whether or not I should get a puppy :/ despite the fact I already have a dog. I hate making choices :/.
:I Well I guess that concludes everything. Tomorrow I’ll be seeing my therapist so :L I’ll have to see what tomorrow will bring me.
Off to do the usual’s 🙂 ~
D: soooo cute! :



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