Dream, Hopes, Future

My dream, my hopes, my future has been locked up away in a box. You can say I lost the key to it cause there’s no way of opening the box without it. 

My future, is to be just live happily. Not perfectly, but just enough to make me move forward. You know I always thought when I was little that the future meant flying cars, aliens, robots and such. Hey, I wasn’t the only one who thought like that. A lot of people wants to have a job and be successful in their later life in the future. It is good to be thinking like that, however is it really necessary to be successful? Would it be the end of the world if you don’t end up getting a job. Well would it be the end if what you had expected in your future to be like ends up to be a complete fail? Honestly, it won’t be. 

Heck! No one needs to be like that! Just go with the flow and do what you can do best and see what the future leads you without your self having to be worried about it. I can’t really say what I’d be expecting. Who knows I might end up dead if I don’t recover from my eating disorder. 

My hopes, are probably not what many would expect to hear from. Wanna hear them anyways? 

  • To be skinny
  • To stay skinny
  • To stay underweight
  • To be healthy? 
  • To do my best
  • To overcome my fears 
  • To get rid of my eating disorder (but still be skinny) 

Yeah what the hell right? But what I’m saying is, everyone has different hopes. And you shouldn’t be ashamed to try and hold on to it as long as you want. Because as you grow you’ll realize how much your hopes have changed. I know mine will. I won’t always be hoping to stay skinny, but who knows right? 

Dreams are the best I love dreaming. It’s fun. You can become anyone you want to be. Change everything about you.Even go on cool missions in saving the world ( =^.^= uhh kekekeke) ! But really it’s a lot fun. My dreams? Hmm, I have heaps. Though it’s not like it’ll come true but it would be something I’m sure of that would remove me from my devastation. Don’t laugh though. When I close my eyes, I see myself on a stage. Performing, singing, dancing, just being me and yet the crowd cheers on for me no matter what I am. That tingly feeling you would get, that butterfly fluttering in your stomach trying to set free, the rush that goes through your body and the feel of how hard your heart is pounding that your sure you’ll probably need to sticky tape it back into place. That’s how I feel when I close my eyes. It’s something you can’t really explain. I’m sure you’s have similar reactions to your dream ? It’s sort of like how you would listen to music and ends up giving you goose bumps to the voice you hear chiming through your ears (well to me it does ._.) . 

So yeah, I’ll have a FUTURE, I have HOPES,I do have DREAMS and I am still suffering from anorexia but that doesn’t stop me from doing things Same with anyone who is suffering form all sort of disorders, we can still move forward



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