Kay so the day before yesterday, my mum decides to give me this herbal tablet for my hair. At first I didn’t want it because I was afraid it would make me gain weight so I tried to pretend I was taking it but that didn’t work -.-. Anyways, when I went to bed, I was beginning to get a headache. So what happened afterwards? I woke up freaking sick, feeling weak, cold, dizzy, I felt like (excuse my language) shit. So I told my mum that I wasn’t feeling well and that I can’t eat because I’m afraid I might throw up. Obviously she didn’t seem to believe me thinking I was lying just to get away from eating. Meh I don’t blame her. But come on I was obviously not looking my best, and I was telling the truth. So after dinner, I threw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner :). At first I was actually happy I was throwing up (I wasn’t doing it on purpose though), cause that would mean I’d be losing weight. Then I took that back cause I couldn’t stop and it was a horrible feeling throwing up. Well at least my mum believes me now. So yeah I’m still feeling horrible. The chills running down my spine is like a marathon non-stop. It’s annoying. I can’t sleep and I’m continuously turning over to get comfortable. Yeah and to think I was considering to go bulimic. I’ll just stick to anorexia and exercising non-stop. Hey at least I lost more weight now :). Well I’m out :(, I’m still in bed feeling horribly sick.
Adios ~ -.-


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