That stupid bathroom scale of mine! It mocks me every time I see it or walk pass it. We used to be good friends, until I became too afraid to even know how much I weighed.It makes me a nervous wreck. Nothing but ‘should I hurt myself if the number on the scale is higher?’ or ‘I know I gained weighed, I’m not perfect’ goes through my head but the list goes on. It’s stupid, I know, but just one advice I’m willing to share, never become too friendly with your scale. It’s like a 2-faced person who can turn it’s back against you. 

So I just checked my weight. Boy was I about to bring a hammer and smash my scale. It told me that I gained weight. Frightened, is what I was feeling. Not until I step onto it again… this time telling me the correct weight saying I have lost weight. I thought it was playing games with me, so I tried 3 times to be sure, and then I was sure. Yes, I am happy that I have lost weight. Except, it’s not enough. 

Anyways I’m out for the night. Going to do the usual’s 🙂  


– Bananixox


2 thoughts on “STUPID SCALE

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. The scale holds that grip on me too. We shoul dform a support grooup regarding this lol. Just remember you have the power to step off it well if you get sick of the freaking thing.

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