Depression. Yeah I’m suffering from both an eating disorder and depression. It sucks. Depression is worse than feeling horrible. There’s no words to describe depression. It’s just depression. You would probably make comments on how would feel depressed but are you really? Or are you just saying it because it just sounds like a sophisticated word?
You know if it wasn’t for my mum, who’s whole side of her family is suffering from depression, I wouldn’t have to live on those stupid anti-depressant tablets.
I ran out of my tablets yesterday. My mum doesn’t even mention it to me, and so I have to wait until tomorrow to get some more thanks to Easter, having every shop closed. Do you know how it feels when your not on those tablets? You feel like shit. Consider yourself lucky having to not be on them. Once you take them, your life practically depends on anti-depressants. If you miss even one of those tablets, your screwed. You become frustrated, have bad mood swings, nauseated, dizzy, drowsy and loss of concentration. I feel like I’m on heroine, however you spell that, but what would I know I never had it before. Really though I feel like I’m some sort of person who’s drug addicted. Farout. I have to live on that crap for a while. I hate it. Well first of, even if I do take it, doesn’t make a difference, I still feel crap and would still see myself fat. When I don’t take it, I feel like shit and would see myself fat and ugly. Okay I’m out for the night because like I said I can’t concentrate properly and have no idea what I have typed, so I just leave at that for tonight. Already did the usuals so off to bed. Oh and Happy Easter.


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