Sick again..

It’s Friday the 13th in my time zone. You know what that means, bad luck day. I don’t really believe in such thing though, but today you could say I do. Woke up sick again. I prefer pain over being sick for some reason. Don’t know why. Anyways, this morning was not good start. I actually had a birthday party to go to but called just yesterday to say I won’t be coming . So I guess my soul saw this coming today.
That horrible pounding in your head is just irritating. It’s like someone is hammering your brain. It wouldn’t stop. The chills running down my spine and running through my legs, arms , my whole body technically. I couldn’t stand it. It was difficult to sleep even. My mum had the theory of me getting sick again because of the spoilt food I had hidden in my room. Whatever.
I was beginning to become weaker. My mum kicked me out of my room and told me to stay in her room. She wanted to clean my room. I couldn’t disagree because all I was hearing is that pounding in my head. So I gave in and ended up sleeping in my mum’s room. I hate being weak. I don’t like being weak or showing anyone I’m weak.
So here I am awake now still in my mum’s room. Feeling a lot better I guess. Though I was waiting for the sickness to really kick in and make me throw up. That didn’t happen. I’ll have to work extra hard to lose weight. Effs. I just realized its almost time for dinner. Ugh.
I’m off. Going to go worry what my mum has made for dinner.


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