I’m going to say it out straight.
I’ve been forcing myself to purge every night now.
It started when I had thoughts of not able to lose weight fast by just overly exercising. I don’t like the thought of purging. It’s wrong, yes I know. But hell, are you suffering from anorexia? If yes, you’ll understand me. If no, don’t bother to try and understand.
It’s not easy to live having an ED control you. There are certain rules you have to follow. I’m use to them.

I’m not sure if I’ve become a bulimic though? It’s not like I’m binge eating. I’m just been given and forced to eat by my parents without any way of running from eating. Since I had no other way of doing so, I just decided to purge every night and then exercise.


I’m out for the night. Already did the usuals so night night.


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