Freaking out!

I was freaking out yesterday. My mum and I went to a mall and practically shopped till we dropped. It was heaps fun except I had to have lunch there. Now here’s the thing, yes I don’t like eating in front of others unless I don’t know them so it was okay to eat at the shops, however I was freaking out because how was I suppose to purge straight after? I had a simple lunch, a sandwich with chicken and avocado. It was good but I so badly wanted to get it out of my system! So I told myself just to relax and just don’t drink anything and just wait until I get back home to try if I can purge out lunch. I ended up drinking heaps of water.
We also ended up staying at the mall for how many hours? God knows. It was quite big so my mum and I took awhile to try and figure out the way out. As we arrived home, I straight away went to my room, took my spare tooth brush that I use to purge, and took out a bag to throw up in. As I was about to purge, my brother and my dad calls from their holiday overseas on Skype =.=. So I answered and tried to end the conversation but then my mum comes in to talk to them! Argh.
After we finally ended the call, my mum keeps interrupting me and then she comes with yoghurt, my afternoon snack! That’s when I just gave up on purging lunch and just purged out the yoghurt. I checked my weight though and I’m still underweight so I guess it was okay to not purge out lunch. I’ll admit, it wasn’t that big of a lunch.

I sound mentally sick, yes I know. That’s what anorexia does to you.

I’m out for today, still in bed and sleeping in probably till 12:30pm.
P.S : I got my formal dress :DDD …. That’s another thing to worry about soon, formal.


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