Crazy day

Oksy so long story-short.

Went for my counselling session and tried to do what I was told but that didn’t work out as well as I planned. I was to try and talk to my parents but my Dad completely shut me off and my Mum was just hard to get through to. Eventually they had found a bag of vomit in my room which was long over due from last week and yes I know disgusting. I tried to explain and ended up having a fight with them because they wouldn’t let me talk. All I wanted to do was talk to them normally. I got angry and very depressed that I began self harming myself. So I e-mailed my counselor and told her what had happened and that I have tried to put in an effort to try and talk to them and asked if she can try and talk to them for me if it isn’t any trouble for her. So yeah. 

I ended up not being able to purge because my parents were making me stay with them for 30 minutes but I still had purged after I was done fighting with them.

:\ I need serious help. My eating disorder is reacting badly enough.


There I said it.

And it feels good and I’ll say it again.

I want ED gone, out, to be vanished, to die, to get rid of him, to throw out etc.

Well I’m tired so I’m off today.




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