Uh oh…

Just at 4am while I was in the bathroom (I tend to stay up late), I was brushing my teeth and thought to myself that I’ll have to quickly do something about my teeth that are slowly becoming yellow. As I finished up, I wanted to take a closer look at my teeth, when I did.
I came across something that I wish I hadn’t but if I didn’t then I’d be screwed.
I found a small brown spot on one of tooth!!!
Now I know what you’re thinking “it’s because you have been purging like everyday!”. I know that but how do I stop!?
At first I thought it was food just stuck there but it wouldn’t come off. So then I went on the net to check it up afraid of what may come up but I was expecting it. An active caries. What the actual fuck :(! Now I really don’t know what to do! The sad thing is, my mum directly told me if I end up getting cavities that she won’t take me to the dentist. But I think she only told me that to scare me. I don’t want to tell her, neither to my dad. I’m really scared and don’t know what to do. Should I email my psychologist? Does anyone know what I should do :'(?
I feel like crying and just giving up on everything. Now I’m scared of purging but I still have to even though I know I shouldn’t be!! I hate my eating disorder. It makes me do this.
I’ll have to somehow cover all of my teeth with something while purging :(.

I just need someone to talk to.



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