So for those who have seen my recent post ‘Uh Oh..’ I have mentioned that I have spotted an active caries (cavity) on one of my tooth. I said that I couldn’t remove it and immediately started to freak out. Well guess fu*king what.


FEKSIEBSIABAKAJAHSKS. Farout =.=. Gave me a bloody heart attack.

It’s not a cavity.

And here I was freakin out thinking what to do or how should I break it to my parents.

WHATEVER THAT WAS ON MY TOOTH … I SWEAR… It did a pretty good job scaring the crap out of me. Excuse my language.

I can breathe now.

Phew x.x.

You know what though? It really did get me to wake up and just make me realize that it’s a bad thing to purge. :L Nah Duh.
So now I have to be more careful. I’m going to buy mouth wash!

However it doesn’t stop me from purging. But it did get me to think. A lot. Gosh I was on the verge to just die on the spot! I need to stop purging. It is very dangerous and I knew that from the beginning. I’m still in recovery mode but it’s going to be a long journey well hopefully not.

Okay I’m out for now. I actually had purged out lunch out as soon as I found out it wasn’t a cavity but I kept tissues around my teeth lol.




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