First of, I’m a clutz. I practically fall and bump into things even though I wear contacts. I’m turning 17 this year and I’m in year 12, my last year of school. I go to an all girls school, which I’d prefer rather than going to co-ed school.. I’d probably get distracted with the boys all around -.-” .. Anyways.. I had a pretty rough year last year. Why? I developed an eating disorder..other wise known as Anorexia Nervosa. Your probably thinking … all I gotta do is eat and I’ll be better. Doesn’t go like that. It’s not easy eating. Most people think that people who have an eating disorder is like that because they are influenced to be skinny. That’s what I thought before i developed this. It’s actually because of other factors like family problems, school, bullying ect. It’s true and yet a horrible situation to be in, trust me. So yer, it’s been how long? A year and a half now since I developed this disorder. Still suffering and it’s killing me. At the moment I’m 45 kilos which is quite bad for my height since I’m 166cm. Well at least 45 kilos wasn’t as bad as I was before at 38 kilos. So I guess I’d be blogging mostly about my struggles throughout the day with my disorder. It’ll take a while for me to recover but hope for the best I guess ._. .
Well yer that’s it about me 🙂

Oh and I dislike banana’s, Well atm I don’t food but I never had liked banana’s anyways. Horrible and disgusting.

~ Bananixox


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